Street Fighter 6 Announcement Trailer Released

Street Fighter 6 Announcement Trailer Released
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Street Fighter 6 Announcement Trailer Released, You’ve waited long enough! After years of waiting, Capcom has finally released the official Street Fighter 6 Announcement Trailer. Street Fighter 6 promises to bring many exciting new changes to the classic fighting game formula, with some fighters already rumored to have their unique abilities such as Ryu having the ability to slow downtime, or Chun-Li being able to deflect all attacks, while others like M. Bison will have unique features and moves that will make him stand out in the roster! I can’t wait until this game releases, you won’t be disappointed!

We can expect Street Fighter 6 (SF6) in 2020

After an announcement teaser trailer, Capcom has given us a lot to think about in terms of what we can expect in Street Fighter 6. They’ve officially stated that SF6 will be coming out at some point in 2020, but they’ve given us some information as to what we can expect from the game. New characters, new stages, and new mechanics are already announced, and you can expect much more as time goes on.

Street Fighter 6 Announcement Trailer Released

The trailer is filled with content so I won’t spoil too much for you; watch it for yourself below. Street Fighter 5 [SF5] was great when it came out but there were plenty of issues regarding balance and net code which prevented a good competitive scene. Hopefully, SF6 considers all these points and fixes them while also adding fresh content. We can expect more details throughout 2019 and once we have a firm release date we’ll let you know! In case you missed it, SF5 is getting one last update following its second anniversary:

and two updates, Capcom is finally moving on from Street Fighter 5 and has officially announced Street Fighter 6. As teased through a countdown website, Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter 6 following the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 with some pretty big news: more characters are coming to SF5!

This update will include six new fighters that we’ve seen in previous Street Fighter games; Ibuki, Alex, Guile, and Balrog have been added as well as Ibuki’s master Gill who was only previously playable in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. We can expect more details throughout 2019 and once we have a firm release date we’ll let you know!

The SF6 Characters are done justice with an all new redesigned art style

Capcom announced that each character will be designed by a different artist, with no singular art style to hold them back. We can’t wait to see all of their new designs when SF6 comes out. The game is also set in a brand new location: While we don’t know where in reality Street Fighter 6 is set, it looks like it might be on an island judging from what’s visible on-screen during Chun-Li’s introduction trailer.

This could mean that we’ll get access to more beautiful vistas than ever before! You heard right – Dan is returning alongside Sakura and Blanka in SF6: After being relegated to non-playable status since Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Dan Hibiki and Sakura Kasugano are coming back as playable characters after 20 years!

In addition, Blanka has been sighted lurking about which indicates he’ll join their ranks too. We wonder how much training Ryu, Ken, and Akuma have done for Street Fighter 6… Expected Release Date for Street Fighter 6: Currently there is no release date attached to Street Fighter 6 yet, although Capcom did give a 2017 window at E3 2016 so hopefully that means some time within 2017. What do you think of SF6?

An interesting take by Capcom to make SF6 accessible to casual players with Assist Moves

As fans of Street Fighter are already aware, SF6 is ditching Ultra Combos in favor of what Capcom is calling Assist Moves. As you probably could have guessed, these Assist Moves are meant to make SF6 more accessible to casual players. They appear after being activated by pressing LP+LK during a combo, and they require no super meter cost or any other restrictions whatsoever.

During your next match if your opponent whiffs an attack and leaves themselves open for an easy punishment, one of these assist moves might just save you. Even still, Capcom has remained cryptic about exactly how these moves will work and who will be able to use them; at best we can speculate that it’ll be limited to returning characters that did not appear in Street Fighter 5 (i.e Ken Masters & Sagat) but will not include entirely new characters (i.e Alex from Street Fighter 3). There has also been no word on whether or not these assists will also change depending on which version of a character you decide to play i.e Shotokan Ryu vs Evil Ryu.

A lot of people have been asking Is this it? Are we getting no more content?

And with good reason. Street Fighter 5 has received updates and DLC, but none of it substantial as far as content goes. Now that Capcom has finally released a trailer for Street Fighter 6, most are wondering if they’re going to get any more content added to SF5, or if Capcom is just going to leave us high and dry. Well, I have some news for you: It doesn’t matter at all.

Why? Because people aren’t asking are we getting no more content? They’re asking Is there going to be new content worth my time? The short answer: no. As soon as Street Fighter V was released, everybody knew Capcom had bitten off way more than they could chew.

Though SFV does not deserve much praise in terms of its implementation and lack of features, let me say one thing about Street Fighter V before I move on: One thing that makes an incredible fighting game great isn’t mechanics; it’s balance. Look back at Street Fighter IV, one of THE greatest fighting games ever made—not because of its visuals (which were lacking) or mechanics (which would later become worse), but because everything balanced perfectly.

Yes, there are some major issues with the game’s net code, but I’m hopeful they will be resolved once SF6 launches Capcom SF6 developers have been pretty open about their plans to address many of these issues, particularly concerning online connectivity and matchmaking. We’ve already seen them take a step in that direction.

A few weeks ago, they released an update that finally allowed players to challenge people across platforms – PS4 players can now challenge PC and Xbox One users. This is certainly a start! Additionally, I’m glad to see how much care was put into the character art for SF6; everything looks so crisp and detailed. The returning cast in particular has never looked better! The new faces look amazing as well.

Let’s be honest here: Street Fighter has always had some great character designs, but one area where it fell behind other fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat was in its lack of diverse body types (especially when it came to female characters). And then SF5 came along and gave us five out-of-shape white guys I mean Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and two versions of Mika.

In short

It’s about time, Capcom! After nearly 8 years, and countless teasers, you’ve finally delivered us a teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6. Fans of In short: It’s about time, Capcom! After nearly 8 years, and countless teasers, you’ve finally delivered us a teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6. Fans of Street Fighter 5 will be happy to know that its following is still going strong. As teased through a countdown website, Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter 6 following the end of the Capcom Pro Tour at Final Round 2018 in Atlanta.

While we don’t have many details yet aside from it being released in 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC; we do know what the game will look like (quite similar to Street Fighter V) as well as who some of our favorite characters will be returning (Ken Masters is confirmed!). Check out the trailer below:

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